Become a teacher

If you are passionate about teaching computer science, and are a University of Michigan student, you can join our teaching team. We are always happy to bring on highly driven and motivated teachers.

Teacher Requirements

Programming Knowledge

You must know the basic principles of programming. Taking U of M's EECS 183 should provide you with sufficient knowledge to teach new students. We focus on teaching Python 3, so if you do not know it, you will need to learn it before starting teaching. Check out our Python 3 resources here.


You must be available during our weekly lessons. See the teacher calendar here for specific times.

  • You are only allowed to miss two lessons. This is because of our focus on one-on-one teaching
  • Give us notice of absence at least one week in advance, so we can make accommodations for your student
  • If you miss more than 2 lessons then you will no longer be able to teach

25% Time

You should expect to put in 4 or more hours per week, 3 of which are for the weekly trip. Teachers must spend at least an hour outside of trips working on other 7MC work/projects. This can include:

  • Developing lessons and 10 minutes of code
  • Working on the website
  • Fundraising

Develop a 10 Minutes of Code lesson

Each teacher must make a 10 Minutes of Code lesson (10moc). For our first lesson of each semester, students get to rotate between different 10mocs, getting a chance to see different areas of computer science, and how easy coding can be.


Check this link for an up to date and expanded version of the requirements.

  • Attend a monthly meeting with all Seven Mile members
  • Membership due of $10 (can be waived)
  • Like one or more of: Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman


Do you meet the requirements above? Complete the steps below and join the team!

  • 1. Contact us Fill out the sign-up form
  • 2. 10moc Submit your proposal for a 10 Minutes of Code
    Look at the spec here
  • 3. Interview Attend a casual interview with 1 or 2 existing members
  • 4. Background Pass the University of Michigan's background check

You can join anytime, but you can only start teaching if we are less than 2 trips into the semester, and you have finished the sign-up process.

Let's go!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us! If you don't have the time/availabilty to be a teacher, but you still want to join, you can check out joining another one of our teams. Take a look here!